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Welcome to Leena', the tutorial and pattern drafting site for
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In this site, you will find tutorials, pattern drafting instructions, sewing instructions and many other sewing projects.
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PatternMaker Macros: Measurement Chart For Women

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[Women's standard measurements]
[Men's standard measurements]

Neck circumference


Bust circumference


Waist circumference


Abdomen (= top hip) circumference. If the subject's abdomen circumference is more than her hip circumference, use abdomen circumference also as the measurement for the hip circumference.


Hip circumference


Bust span (distance between bust apexes)


Bust height from center of back neck over shoulder to apex of one breast 


Waist height from center of back neck over shoulder to apex of one breast and from there vertically to lower edge of waist elastic. To get a more accurate measurement, loop the tape up one side, over the neck and down the other side (=double) and divide the result by 2 (see picture). Take this and bust height measurements together in one step.


Back length from center of back neck to lower edge of waist elastic. To get this measurement taken correctly, please do as follows: use two measuring tapes. Put one of them hanging around your neck so that the loose ends of the tape hang on your bust. Put an elastic around your waist. Measure back length from the lower edge of the measuring tape around your neck to the lower edge of the elastic around your waist.


Back width hang your arms relaxed at your sides. The measurement is taken from and to the point where your arm meets your body (but not to armpit) about 10 cm below base of neck.


Shoulder length from neck to shoulder tip. To find the shoulder tip, raise your arm to horizontal position and feel where there is a hollow spot between shoulder and arm bones.


Abdomen height: vertical measurements from lower edge of  waist elastic to level where abdomen circumference is maximum.


Hip height: vertical measurement from lower edge of waist elastic to level where hip circumference is maximum


Biceps circumference


Wrist circumference over wrist bone


Arm length from shoulder tip to wrist. Bend arm slightly when measuring


Pants outside length from lower edge of waist elastic to pants cuff


Crotch depth sit on bench or chair, measure vertically from waist elastic to chair level at side. Crotch depth can also be measured from a pair of old, well fitting pants, crotch depth is the difference between outside and inside length of pants. 


Desired cuff circumference (not ankle circumference) 


Desired jacket length from waist elastic to hem


Desired skirt /dress length from waist elastic to hem



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