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Welcome to Leena's.com, the tutorial and pattern drafting site for
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In this site, you will find tutorials, pattern drafting instructions, sewing instructions and many other sewing projects.
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Rococo-garment With PatternMaker (Theater Costumes)

A trade school in Finland, (Keski-Savon oppimiskeskus), in autumn of costumed Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night". Altogether 18 garment units were made using PatternMaker macros. Half of the garments were men's garments where the men's jacket, vest, shirt and trousers macros were used. The patterns were printed using the actors' measurements and the final designs were made manually.

On this page you can see the garments realized.

Shakespeare costumes with PatternMaker             Shakespeare costumes with PatternMaker

Shakespeare costumes with PatternMaker              Shakespeare costumes with PatternMaker

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